How it will function, and how it will not:

This is a community problem, and we are going to hopefully come up with a community response through this work. That final written response is going to be sent to the County Executive and a few others, as well as reside on this website. There will be TWO (2) components to each Roundtable session: one for Truth and the other for Reconciliation regarding the truth.

*TRUTH involves research and facts/documents. This team necessarily begins first. There should be NO (or very few) preconceived notions regarding the topic. The Roundtable will operate with the following foundation in order to do justice to the overall goal: THE THEORY CAN’T DRIVE THE EVIDENCE. Researchers, historians and folks with the knack for solving mysteries are valuable to this team. The idea is Collaboration, and the creation of a collaborative final product is the goal for the research team.

*Reconciliation involves the examination of all materials assembled and deemed to be applicable by the Truth team. This team will also collectively decide what should or could be done in light of what the Truth team creates. There can and will be people from the Truth team who are also part of the Reconciliation team.

-The first Roundtable session is expected to take 3-4 weeks total. It will be conducted via Zoom.

-The Truth team will operate closed-door to allow researchers to deliberate and at times “have it out at the mat” regarding what is what. The Reconciliation team will operate in open meetings also via Zoom, with citizens being invited to participate and ask questions.

-The final written product/report will contain the names of ALL who collaboratively participated.

-Ownership of materials used/submitted: to make this work, there can’t be any. If that presents a problem for anyone contemplating participation, consider being on the Reconciliation team only. Researchers are expected to contribute materials, time, talents.

Howard County Lynching Truth & Reconciliation, Inc. (HCLTR) is the sponsor of the first Roundtable session. HCLTR is also the facilitator and moderator. All participants will have equal footing at the Roundtable. The only perspective that will be at the head of it all is The Truth.